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Musto clothing and gear

Musto clothing and gear

You can view and buy Musto clothing, gloves and accessories on-line.
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Our extensive selection of Musto clothing includes the Coastal, Inshore, Windward and Caribbean breathable, waterproof and showerproof ranges as well as Dinghy wear and Rash vests.

Musto Breathable Inshore rangeBreathable Coastal / Channel
Waterproof, breathable fabric used, lots of added extras - facilities to zip in middle layer, lifejacket attachment facility, self-draining pockets and many more.

Breathable (BR1) inshore waterproofs
We have the breathable Inshore Jacket and the Inshore Race jacket from Musto in various colours. These use waterproof, breathable fabric - and are slightly lighter than the Coastal/ Channel with many of the same useful features.

Breathable Windward & Caribbean
Lightweight ripstop polyester, but still breathable and waterproof. Microfleece lining, taped seams, roll away hood on jacket all make this a very versatile range.

Musto rash vestDinghy wear
Waterproof, breathable and good looking dinghy smocks with superior neck closure with waterproof gusset, all water resistant zips.

Rash vests for men and women - can be worn under the wetsuit or waterproofs to prevent rashes occuring or simply on their own on hotter days.

Gloves and the Regatta (GD360-LT) deck shoe, luggage, comms cases and many more.

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Musto layering system

The Layer System is based on a simple principle - water transmits heat thirty times faster than air. So wet skin gets cold thirty times quicker than dry skin.

The Base Layer
A thermal or polyester base layer worn next to the skin to help transfer (wick) sweat away from your body as fast as possible.

The Middle Layer
The main job for the mid-layer is to hold warm dry, insulating air inside the clothing system and close to the body. It must also continue the transmission of water vapour through the clothing system as started by the base layer.

Musto Breathable Inshore jacketThe Outer Layer
The third layer is completely waterproof to the outside elements. It must also stop the wind whipping away the precious warm, dry air that is held inside. But the third layer must also deal with the moisture that is transmitted outwards by the inner two layers. This is where breathable waterproof fabrics come in.

Breathable clothing:
Musto breathable fabrics have a hydrophilic coating. They breath by absorbing moisture from the warm, high humidity zone around your body and chemically driving it through your clothing.

The fabrics use an abrasion resistant outer shell to which the hydrophilic coating is applied. Taped seams are then added to make them fully waterproof.

Take a look for yourself in the on-line shop - click here to go straight to Musto products.

Musto Footwear

Musto Evolution deck shoesThe Musto Evolution deck shoes perfectly balances excellent performance on deck with casual shore side styling.

About the unique Musto tread pattern sole:

or try the Musto Performance deck shoe a tough and durable leather sailing shoe, with a breathable upper and Musto'sGrip Deck Sole.

Take a look for yourself in the on-line shop - click here to go straight to Musto products.

Musto accessories

Musto Defender short fingered glovesMusto gloves
Musto gloves benefit from pre-curved construction that ensures a comfortble close fit and increased dexterity.

Musto Crew Caps
Cotton top and peak and retaining clip make this an ever popular sailing cap.


Musto Crewbag - sailclothMusto luggage
Whether yachting, dinghy sailing or other watersports - Musto provide the perfect bag. Waterproof carryalls in large or medium in various colours; large waterproof Crew bags with wet and dry sections, various campartments and organiser pockets, and off course the Musto Comms Cases to give 100% waterproof and weatherproof protection for your mobile phone.

Take a look at Musto accessories in the on-line shop - click here to go straight to Musto products.


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